Grey Goods Studio was launched in 2017 by Brooke Heuts and Braedyn Mallard, partners in every sense, who share a love of art and design and making the world a better (and hopefully more beautiful) place. The term Grey Goods refers to fabric in its “loomstate,” or fabric before it has been dyed, marked or finished. Our hand designed textiles are inspired by the power and beauty of the first mark on an unmarked surface and preserving this mark-making is a key part of our process.

Our Journey

Brooke has been obsessed with textiles since she was a little one. Behind her grandparents’ house sat a singlewide trailer known in her family as grandmother’s “sewing trailer.” The trailer was filled with fabric, sewing machines and quilts that her grandmother had stitched and collected. It lingered on the farm behind their house for 15 years after Brooke’s grandmother died, the materials inside it and the trailer itself remnants of her life. This is where her fascination with textiles, and the histories they hold, began.

As a fiber artist, Brooke’s work explores what is left behind — the remnants of people and their past and how their story remains within a material. This same aesthetic and obsession with history informs the textiles that she designs at Grey Goods Studio. At Grey Goods Studio we hope to bring rich history, texture and color into your space.



Brooke is the artist, textile designer, website designer and all around aesthetic genius behind Grey Goods Studio. She has been making art and working with textiles since the late 1990’s and received her BAD from NCSU’s College of Art + Design & her MFA in Fibers from ASU.  As a fine artist, her work examines the need for cloth, the substantial labor required in its making and most importantly, the resulting infinite bonds formed and shared by families and communities and you can often see her work at Light Art + Design in Chapel Hill, NC. When not making, you can find her cuddling Finnegan the coonhound & probably pruning tomato plants in the backyard garden.





Braedyn is the marketing and content manager for Grey Goods Studio, handling all things social media, photography and hashtag related. If you’re seeing a pretty image or reading something quippy (or inspiring) it’s Braedyn’s work. You can often find him cooking up something tasty that he probably picked fresh from the backyard garden or giving way too much attention to Finnegan the coonhound. Follow him on Instagram.